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Federal and State Payroll Compliance Resource
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This dynamic combo gives you the power of The Payroll Source® along with regular state and local payroll compliance news from PayState Update. With all of the changes on the state and local levels, it's not enough to simply keep up on the federal side. Payroll professionals must also know what is happening in the states and cities where their employees work and live. Stay on top of minimum wage requirements, paid family and sick leave requirements, and predictive scheduling requirements with this combo.

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Payroll Source Online

The Payroll Source® Online is an electronic subscription-based version of the indispensable text and desk reference: The Payroll Source®.

The Payroll Source® Online provides the essential information you need to keep your company in compliance with federal laws and regulations affecting your payroll operations. It details all aspects of payroll administration, from the most fundamental forms and regulations, through the most complex benefits taxation and reporting, to international payrolls and is meticulously updated throughout the year. The Payroll Source® Online will also help prepare you for the Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) exam and is accessed through an online virtual platform, the Bookshelf.

The Payroll Source Online includes two versions of the publication on a virtual platform:
 •  One version is updated throughout the year as legislation and regulations change
 •  The second is a study guide version

In addition, you can:
 •  Use on your computer, laptop, tablet, and smart phone
 •  Search by keyword
 •  Link to other websites, like the IRS
 •  Download a PDF of the study guide version


 • Electronic
 • Annual 1-year subscription

PayState Update

PayState Update is the only biweekly eNewsletter dedicated exclusively to state and local payroll compliance news and issues. Sold in one-year increments, this publication includes in-depth articles and analyses, comparative charts, state-by-state information, Q&A feature, and topical indexes. If you process payroll in more than one state, this newsletter is indispensable. The eNewsletter is accessed through an online virtual platform, the Bookshelf.

Recent Topics Included:
 • Impact of federal tax reform on state withholding tables, employee withholding allowance certificates, benefits, and IRC conformity
 • Paid family leave contributions to begin in the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, and Washington
 • Minimum wage increases in Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New Mexico, and several localities
 • Tip reporting changes in the District of Columbia and Maryland
 • Mandatory state auto-enrollment retirement programs - updates and new proposals
 • Predictive scheduling requirements to begin in Philadelphia in 2020
 • New federal white collar exemption proposal and effect on states


 • eNewsletter
 • Annual 1-year subscription

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Federal and State Payroll Compliance Resource Contents

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The Payroll Source Online provides the essential information you need to keep your company in compliance with federal laws and regulations affecting your payroll operations. It details all aspects of payroll administration.
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