Navigating Cross-Cultural Differences in Global Payroll

Navigating Cross-Cultural Differences in Global Payroll

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02 May 2019

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15 Apr 2020

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Culture shapes the way we communicate, interact, perceive and deal with each other; hence we need to break through and understand these invisible boundaries of global business. Knowing and acknowledging that these boundaries exist is the first step to breaking them down, the second is to work through them and build healthy, cooperative relationships.

Join us to learn some of the common cultural challenges and boundaries that exist in conducting business across borders, how to mitigate them, and ensure collaboration.

Learning Objectives

During this webinar, you will learn:
  • Common cross-cultural challenges faced in day to day payroll operations
  • Why those differences exist, with an introduction to culture scales
  • Key skills and strategies needed to address cross-culture challenges and build healthy relationships