Top Association Accomplishments in 2019

  • Customer Service
    1. APA and GPMI engaged with over 130,000 individuals as of December 2019. Through these engagements, which include education participants, customers who purchased publications and/or subscriptions, APA's 20,026 members, and GPMI's 10,510 subscribers, we create opportunities and forge a community by providing the skills and resources necessary for payroll professionals to stay in compliance and become successful.
    2. APA awarded three Recertification Credit Hours (RCHs) to all members in good standing. APA continues this benefit for members upon completion of their membership year based on their anniversary date.
    3. APA launched a new mobile-responsive Committee Volunteer Form. This new form simplifies the process for APA members to get more involved in their association by volunteering to serve on our many committees.
    4. APA rolled out new website functionality for its conferences. These new pages are fully mobile responsive and provide our attendees with an intuitive way to select their workshops for conferences. These improvements result in a greatly improved workshop selection experience for our members and attendees.
    5. APA implemented updates to its online customer profile page on its website. These updates include an updated look, improved functionality on both mobile and desktop devices, and centralized the collection of all profile and demographic information onto a single page.
    6. APA added a new "My Subscriptions" portal to its website. This new page provides improved visibility for members and customers into the status of their subscriptions and simplifies the renewal process for these subscriptions by providing easy access to each one from a single location.
    7. APA launched its own podcast program, "PayTalk," with the first episode airing on April 30, 2020. This monthly benefit shares knowledge from high-level payroll professionals to the greater industry at large.
    8. A total of 831 members volunteered to serve on various APA committees, task forces, and boards since May of 2019, contributing to the leadership of the Association while honing their professional knowledge.
    9. The Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) designation was earned by 934 individuals during 2019. As of October 25, the CPP designation is held by more than 11,450 newly certified and recertified individuals.
    10. APA's Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC) exam was successfully completed by 1,607 payroll practitioners during 2019. As of October 25, the FPC designation is held by more than 7,050 newly certified and recertified individuals.
    11. The Chapter Leaders Blog celebrated three years in October. As of February, the blog had 662 subscribers, a 120% increase from one year ago.
    12. APA has 121 affiliated local chapters.
    13. The daily payroll ListServ has 8,486 members, representing 42% of the total APA membership. This is APA's oldest internet-based offering, and it maintains popularity among members.
    14. The APA website was enhanced with three new Compliance Hot Topics: 2020 Form W-4, On-Demand Pay and the Gig Economy, and COVID-19. This makes it easy for members to find the latest information on these subjects.
  • Education
    1. APA had 272 educational offerings in 2019, covering 857 training days, encompassing 30 different programs or delivery methods, and enrolling more than 63,970 participants.
    2. In addition to conducting APA's nationwide course offerings, APA's National Speakers Bureau members presented 60 additional educational programs, consisting of 25 statewide events, 24 chapter meetings, eight chapter one-day events, and three user-group meetings.
    3. Over the past year, APA has presented 45 in-house programs of customized training to more than 738 payroll professionals.
    4. GPMI had 30 educational offerings in 2019, covering 49 training days, encompassing 27 programs presented through various delivery methods, and enrolling more than 14,626 participants.
    5. In 2019, GPMI provided country-specific in-person and virtual global payroll training covering a growing number of locations, including Belgium, China, Denmark, Finland, France, India, Mexico, Norway, Singapore and Sweden.
    6. In 2019, more than 130 participants attended the Fundamental Payroll Certification Boot Camps, while 450 participants attended the Certified Payroll Professional Boot Camps.
    7. APA's most popular training program, the Preparing for Year-End series, was offered in more than 57 one-day seminars, 15 webinars, and 19 in-house programs, and attended by more than 5,100 participants.
    8. APA presented in-depth payroll training to more than 420 participants at the Payroll Learning Centers in Las Vegas and San Antonio. Classes included: Payroll 101: Foundations of Payroll Certificate Program, Payroll 201: Payroll Administration Certificate Program, Payroll Administration in Canada, Payroll Administration in the United Kingdom, and Implementing Payroll Best Practices.
    9. APA presented a two-part webinar series on the new 2020 Form W-4 and the Publication 15-T, Avoid 2020 Form W-4 Anxiety and Disruption of Your Payroll Department, taught by Michael O'Toole, Esq., original author of The Payroll Source®. The 2,400 attendees could email questions in advance that were answered during the webinar and afterward in a FAQ document.
    10. APA's 37th Annual Congress, featuring more than 180 workshops and 95 exhibitors, recorded attendance of nearly 2,000, representing the United States and 16 countries.
    11. The 10th Annual Virtual Congress & Expo was hosted live for two days, May 22-23, and remained on demand through August 23. Registrants from all 50 states, all 10 Canadian provinces, and six countries attended, representing more than 2,700 companies.
    12. GPMI's fourth annual Global Payroll Management Forum, a subset of APA's Annual Congress, featured 36 global workshops and 16 exhibitors in the Global Payroll Pavilion and Exhibit Hall.
    13. GPMI's Managing Payroll Operations Across the Globe program was presented in March and September 2019 in Dublin, Ireland, with attendees from Canada, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States.
    14. The Advanced Global Payroll Management Certificate Program was offered in Boston and Seattle. These programs had attendees from the United States, Canada, and Slovakia.
    15. The 33rd Annual Educational Institutions Payroll Conference, held in October 2019 in Orlando, Florida was attended by 137 participants. The 3½-day curriculum was planned by the Strategic Payroll Leadership Task Force's Educational Institutions Subcommittee.
    16. APA's second Payroll Leaders Conference was held in November 2019 in Mesa, Arizona, with 95 attendees. This conference held next-generation training through three certificate programs.
    17. APA's 16th Annual Capital Summit was held virtually for the first time April 22nd to 24th. Educational presentations by government policymakers focused on payroll legislative and regulatory issues.
    18. More than 38,400 participants registered for 16 sponsored APA webinars covering topics ranging from on-demand pay, the pay experience, ways to avoid payroll errors, and California payrolls. In addition, more than 11,800 participants registered for eight sponsored GPMI webinars covering topics from global payroll strategy, complexities of global payroll, and understanding payroll transformation.
    19. The Congress app at the 2019 Annual Congress was used by 87% of attendees, an 11% increase from 2018. Attendees engaged with the app 160,000 times from the launch in April until the end of Congress.
  • Finance & Administration
    1. Membership revenue accounted for only 20% of total APA operating revenue during 2019. By generating most of its revenue from other sources, APA can keep its membership dues and related costs at a reasonable level.
    2. After ten years of proactive and purposeful financial strategy and cash flow planning, APA paid off its long-term debt in 2019.
    3. APA's net assets increased by 7.6% in 2019. This will enable the Association to make investments in future educational programs and expand membership benefits.
    4. During 2019, APA's Vendor Relations team established relationships with 26 new vendors, compared to 14 new vendors in 2018. These 26 vendors represent over $128,700 in new revenue.
    5. The 2019 Congress exhibitor sales hit a new record and increased by 8% compared to 2018. In addition, the Global Pavilion exhibitor sales increased 63% in 2019.
    6. APA sponsored webinar sales for 2019 exceeded 2018 by 5%, and GPMI sponsored webinar sales increased by 117% compared to 2018.
    7. Some 31 employees of the American Payroll Association have maintained certifications in their respective fields of expertise: 10 Certified Payroll Professionals, one Fundamental Payroll Certification, one Certified Association Executive, one Certified Exposition Manager, one Certified Meeting Professional, one Certified Professional in Learning and Performance, three Certified Public Accountants, nine Attorneys, one Project Management Professional, two Professionals in Human Resources, and one SHRM-Certified Professional.
    8. For the seventh year, APA was named one of the "Top Workplaces in San Antonio" by the San Antonio Express-News.
  • Government Relations
    1. In 2019, APA Director Emily Lindsay, CPA, CGMA; APA Corporate Member Advisor Jim Paille, CPP; and APA member Martin Rule, CPA, represented APA on the IRS Advisory Council (IRSAC).
    2. In 2019, APA members Martin Armstrong, DBA, CPP; Nancy Ruoff, CPP; and Kevin Valuet, CPP, were appointed to IRSAC. They began their three-year terms in January 2020.
    3. APA Director Luanne Brown, CPP, and APA member Jenine Hallings continue to represent APA on the IRS's Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee (ETAAC).
    4. APA Vice President Stephanie Salavejus, CPP; APA Corporate Member Advisor James Paille, CPP; and APA members Cindy Cichosz, CPP; Stephanie McAtee, CPP; Karen Settembrino, CPP; Kevin Valuet, CPP, represent APA on the IRS Security Summit.
    5. APA members Corrinne Flores and Beverly Wooten represent APA on a child support work group organized by the Texas Office of the Attorney General.
    6. The GRTF Subcommittee on IRS Issues worked with the IRS on developing the 2020 Form W-4 and related instructions under Publication 15-T. This was followed by webinars hosted by APA and by IRS as well as interviews with the media. APA also collected information from states on their plans for using the IRS form to establish withholding for state income taxes.
    7. APA's GRTF Subcommittee on IRS Issues offered recommendations to the IRS on infrastructure changes to accommodate the Taxpayer First Act, including the creation of an Employment and Payroll Tax Division to better respond to payroll professionals and employers.
    8. Government Relations Task Force (GRTF) Subcommittee on Child Support and Other Garnishments completed its work with the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) and state child support enforcement directors to draft model legislation addressing child support withholding from lump-sum payments.
    9. In 2019, the GRTF Subcommittee on Payroll Cards supported legislation in Texas, now enacted, that permits employers to default to electronic wage payments in lieu of paper checks. APA member Emma Jackson, CPP, testified on APA's behalf before the House Committee on International Relations and Economic Development.
    10. In 2019, APA staff and members participated as subject matter experts in four conferences focusing on child support withholding. These meetings were hosted by the Georgia Department of Human Services, the New York City Department of Child Support Services, National Conference of Child Support Directors (NCCSD), and the National Child Support Enforcement Association (NCSEA).
    11. APA's GRTF Subcommittee on Child Support and Other Garnishments began work with the NCCSD Child Support-Employer Collaboration Workgroup to explore ways to improve processes related to child support withholding and enforcement.
    12. The GRTF Subcommittee on Child Support and Other Garnishments successfully encouraged the Department of Labor to update Fact Sheet #30, The Federal Garnishment Law, Consumer Credit Protection Act's Title III (CCPA), to correct and clarify outdated information important to payroll professionals.
    13. The GRTF Subcommittee on Child Support and Other Garnishments offered comments to the U.S. Senate as it considers proposals requiring repayment of federal student loans through payroll deductions.
    14. As the city of Eugene, Oregon, implements administrative rules for a payroll tax, the GRTF Subcommittee on State and Local Topics (SALT) offered a detailed description of issues the city should consider, including calculating the tax for variable rates of pay and clearly identifying which employees are subject to the tax.
    15. APA's GRTF SALT Subcommittee commented on proposed legislation in California and New Jersey regarding early wage access programs. Of greatest concern is defining early wage access as a loan when the money is already earned by employees.
    16. The GRTF SALT Subcommittee requested information from 39 states and the District of Columbia regarding plans for reporting nonemployee compensation, based on the IRS's use of new Form 1099-NEC and the agency's announcement that it will not include the form on its state-shared electronic system. Subsequently, APA engaged with departments of revenue in Illinois, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.
    17. The GRTF SALT Subcommittee has engaged with the Missouri House of Representatives on multiple pieces of proposed legislation that would mandate employer-provided retirement plans.
    18. APA's Government Relations Division revised its Employer Communications Report, which addresses issues for payroll departments and employers on processes and procedures for mandatory retirement plans.
    19. Working with the Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) Coalition, APA successfully lobbied Congress to repeal the UBIT provisions in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This relieves tax-exempt organizations from paying employer-side taxes on transportation benefits and allows refunds for taxes paid since 2017.
    20. APA supported proposed federal legislation to deter federal government shutdowns due to the impacts on payroll management caused by the shutdowns, including the 35-day 2018-2019 shutdown that impacted the year-end season.
    21. APA continued its work with the Professional Certification Coalition (PCC) to protect APA's FPC and CPP programs against state government encroachment.
    22. In 2019 and 2020, APA members and staff participated in three stages of the Social Security Administration's modernization project: (1) members were interviewed about their interactions with the SSA and ease of use of electronic systems, (2) members used a prototype of a new electronic filing system and provided the SSA with feedback, and (3) members and staff participated in a Taxpayer First Act meeting regarding electronic filing of forms under new lower threshold requirements.
  • Publications
    1. There are now more than 5,200 subscribers to the Pay News Now email "digest," which is part of the News & Resources section of the APA's website. Readers can view more than 445 news articles on federal, state, local, chapter, inside APA, and industry news.
    2. The Congress Today blog celebrated three years in May. This year-round blog provides news and information about the APA's Annual Congress. To date, the blog has more than 250 posts and has had more than 41,000 views since its launch in 2017 during the 35th Annual Congress.
    3. The 2019 Congress Today combo print and online magazine was named "Best Show Daily" with a first-place win in the International Association of Exhibitions & Events (IAEE) Art of the Show competition.
    4. The APA Bookshelf now has new and improved search features, including an improved search by topic and the ability to sort results by relevance or title and page. Users can also select specific publications to search and can narrow search results by state or states.
    5. The Payroll Source® and other publications continued to be updated digitally to reflect changes being made by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (Pub. L. 115-97), including significant changes to the Form W-4.
    6. In April 2019, APA launched the Federal and State Payroll Compliance Resource, which is a combination of The Payroll Source Online and PayState Update. This product was created based on feedback from members requesting more purchasing options.
    7. The Guide to Successful Electronic Payments was made available as a free eBook to APA members in 2019 and 2020 through a sponsorship with rapid!
    8. APA's Top Payroll Questions & Answers for 2019 was made available as a free eBook to APA members through a sponsorship with Money Network.
    9. APA's 2019 Survey of Salaries and the Payroll Profession was made available as a free eBook to APA members through a new sponsorship with Fidelity.
    10. Understanding Your Pay was offered in 2019 as a free digital publication to both APA members and the general public through a sponsorship with Wisely Pay by ADP.
  • Public Relations
    1. APA received increased media coverage with the release of the 2020 Form W-4. APA's Senior Manager of Government Relations, Alice Jacobsohn, Esq., was interviewed and quoted in many articles, including The New York Times, MarketWatch, Kiplinger, San Francisco Chronicle, the Associated Press, and other media outlets. In total, APA's Form W-4 media reached a potential audience of more than 280 million.
    2. The article "What Changed for W-4? Why you should care about the new tax form" was published by The Associated Press and included a quote from Alice Jacobsohn, Esq. Since it was first published on February 5, 2020, the article has appeared in 189 print and online publications including the Washington Times Online, MSN News, and the New York Times Online. The AP article resulted in an audience reach of approximately 159,287,784 and has a publicity value equivalent to $485,656.79.
    3. Alice Jacobsohn was a guest presenter at an IRS webinar on October 22, 2019, about the 2020 Form W-4, Understanding the 2020 Form W-4 and How to Use It to Calculate Withholding.
    4. APA continued to expand its presence on leading social media sites. APA's Facebook pages have nearly 20,000 fans, APA's LinkedIn company page has 29,517 followers and its group page has more than 27,547 members, and APA has more than 9,335 followers on Twitter (@paynews). APA's newest social media channel, Instagram, has grown to more than 694 followers.
    5. Since Congress 2019, the APA and its Social Networking Committee have hosted eight payroll chats garnering more than 1,900 tweets using the chat hashtag #paynews and earning more than 3,508 favorited tweets. APA's monthly Payroll chats address relevant payroll and career development issues.
    6. The Global Payroll Management Institute actively engages payroll professionals around the world through social media. GPMI has subscribers from 100 countries in its LinkedIn group and a growing number of followers on Twitter.
    7. During 2019, APA's public relations campaigns across all media reached a potential audience of more than 1.9 billion. APA experts were quoted widely in the media on payroll-related issues such as the government shutdown, Form W-4, APA awards, and payroll fraud. Coverage appeared in outlets such as CNN, Bloomberg BNA, The New York Times, USA Today, Austin American-Statesman, San Francisco Chronicle, CPA Practice Advisor, Memphis Business Journal, and other media outlets.
    8. APA's Compliance TV was delivered monthly to members through APA's Website and its Pay News Now newsletter. Compliance TV is a video series of payroll and AP compliance news and hot topics. The 12 videos created in 2019 have received more than 10,913 views.
    9. APA contributed articles to each edition of the SSA/IRS Reporter, the quarterly publication for U.S. employers and tax professionals that is posted on the IRS website. Each issue reaches an estimated 6 million readers.
    10. The APA's Social Networking Committee currently has more than 50 members. The committee implemented several projects since Congress 2019, including writing a new quarterly "Get Social" column for PAYTECH Magazine.
    11. During National Payroll Week 2019, more than 327 APA member volunteers taught paycheck basics to more than 19,000 teens across the nation on the 14th annual Money Matters National Education Day.
    12. In conjunction with National Payroll Week and Money Matters National Education Day, APA relaunched its Money Matters scholarship program in 2019. Approximately 4,200 scholarship applicants passed the online scholarship quiz and were entered in the prize drawing to receive a $5,000 or $1,000 education scholarship.
    13. More than 4,200 individuals currently "like" the APA Facebook page dedicated to NPW. In total, NPW 2019 social media messaging received 3,008,293 impressions.
    14. A total of 114 top businesses signed up as NPW 2019 supporters to promote National Payroll Week to their employees. Supporters included California Pizza Kitchen, Cornell University, Netflix, Office Depot, and Shell Oil.
    15. More than 39,705 individuals participated in the NPW 2019 "Getting Paid In America" online survey. The survey results, which are an important research tool, were reported by leading media including Yahoo! Finance and Business Insider.
    16. A new video advertising campaign was created for NPW 2019. The video, themed "Payroll saves the day," aired on national TV to an audience of over 10 million. The video received over 127,000 views online and received an additional 1.4 million impressions through YouTube advertising.
    17. For National Payroll Week, APA's Director of Government Relations Bill Dunn, CPP, participated in 28 interviews with television shows and radio programs from across the country. In total, Dunn's interviews reached a nationwide audience of over 14.5 million and were aired 1,308 times on television.
    18. GPMI held its third annual Global Payroll Week (GPW), 27 April - 1 May 2020. This weeklong event provided global payroll professionals with several free online educational and networking opportunities to aid in their professional development.
    19. The Global Payroll Management Institute launched its inaugural Global Payroll Titan "People's Choice" award program in conjunction with Global Payroll Week 2020. This program brought increased visibility to GPMI and allowed GPMI to earn a new source of sponsorship revenue.
  • Partnerships
    1. APA President Jodi Parsons, CPP, and Executive Director Dan Maddux attended the Canadian Payroll Association's 37th Annual Conference & Trade Show in Edmonton, Canada, June 12-14, where they appeared onstage at the Friday Closing Lunch to give an update on APA as well as introduce the final speaker, Susan Stewart. Jodi Parsons, CPP, also taught the workshops "U.S. Payroll: Wage and Hour Rules" and "US Payrolls: Taxation Rules" during the conference.
    2. APA President Jodi Parsons, CPP, and Executive Director Dan Maddux attended the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals' 2019 Annual Conference and Excellence Awards in Newport, Wales, October 2-3, where Jodi gave an update on APA and introduced keynote speaker, Helen Hargreaves. Jodi Parsons, CPP, also taught the Payroll Practice Essentials course in London following the conference.
    3. APA partnered with Wisely Pay by ADP to continue to provide payroll education grants in addition to the grants provided by APA in order to recognize and honor payroll professionals for their commitment to educational and professional growth.
    4. APA was represented at multiple payroll and industry conferences to heighten awareness of our payroll education and service offerings.
    5. APA continued to partner with Visa to support the APA Visa® Paycard Portal®, a premier employer and employee resource on payroll cards.
    6. Since 2008, APA has continued its partnership with powers APA's active online job board, where there are more than 600 payroll- related jobs posted along with free job search tools and resources for APA members.
    7. Since 1994, APA has continued its alliance with Robert Half International/Accountemps, which ensures that APA's online Career Center resources for our members stay relevant and up to date throughout the year.
    8. In 2019, APA and GPMI partnered with Deloitte to produce the most robust and comprehensive payroll benchmarking survey yet, The Deloitte Payroll Benchmarking Survey, with over 750 organizations and 55 countries represented so far. Covering topics such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and social collaboration, the survey gives organizations a unique opportunity to transform their operations by leveraging next-generation technologies. Preliminary results were presented at ADP's ReThink in January 2020, and more comprehensive results, as well as the next phase of survey participation, will be available to APA members and GPMI subscribers soon.