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Lunch and Learn

The Lunch and Learn Series is a group of five 60-minute virtual sessions designed to strengthen your payroll knowledge and professional skills.

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2022 Session Topics

The Intricacies of Union Payrolls vs. Non-Union Payrolls
Webinar 1: June 29, 2022

Payrolls have their own challenges and union payrolls add an additional layer of intricacy. Each union has its own requirements and collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) contain contractual obligations that feed into the challenges. In addition to payroll law compliance, union contracts require reporting with penalties and fines if deadlines are missed. In this session, you will learn what makes union payrolls unique from non-union payrolls so you can handle them successfully.
CPE Field of Study: Business Law

Payroll Myth Busters
Webinar 2: July 6, 2022
There are many myths surrounding payroll, such as all you have to do is push a button to pay employees. The truth is that payroll is complex. In this session, we'll address some common misunderstandings around payroll and set the record straight. Be prepared to bust these payroll myths: Don't pay employees until their timecards are signed, employees paid a salary are exempt from overtime, donated raffle prizes are not subject to tax for employees who win, signing bonuses must be reported on Form 1099, and many more!
CPE Field of Study: Personal Development

Business Continuity Planning: It's Not Just Disaster Recovery Anymore
Webinar 3: July 13, 2022

It doesn't take an epic natural disaster to create a business disruption in your payroll operation. There are many circumstances that could keep you from processing your next payroll, such as a power outage or a hacking attack on computers and networks. If you don't have a course of action to take when a crisis or unplanned event occurs, the results could be disastrous. This session offers detailed business continuity planning efforts to keep you from ever missing a payroll processing period.
CPE Field of Study: Business Management & Organization

Building Payroll Test Cases for System Updates and Upgrades
Webinar 4: July 20, 2022

Developing test cases to ensure you're compliant with the latest updates and upgrades made to your payroll system is key. Regardless of your organization's size, whether you have in-house payroll or use a third-party service provider, you cannot assume all is well because a programmer said so. This session will assist you in developing a test case checklist that you can use on your upcoming quarterly and annual updates, or when taking the next step to implement a new system.
CPE Field of Study: Business Management & Organization

Running Your Payroll Department Like a Small Business Owner
Webinar 5: July 27, 2022

Peripheral activities leading up to payday can make or break the success of a payroll department. Paying employees accurately and on time is the obvious goal, but what does it take to get there? Is yours a smooth transition from payday to payday? Or is it a daily grind and an uphill struggle to meet each deadline? Learn how techniques used by successful small business owners can enhance your path to payday.
CPE Field of Study: Business Management & Organization

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1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. EDT

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Earn up to 5 Recertification Credit Hours (RCHs), 0.5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs), or 5 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits when attending this course. No advanced preparation or prerequisites required, Program Level: Overview; Delivery Method: Group Internet-Based; Field of Study: See individual session descriptions.

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