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Lunch and Learn
Lunch and Learn Series
Lunch and Learn

The Lunch and Learn Series is a group of five 60-minute webinars to strengthen your payroll knowledge and professional skills. All webinars will be taught at 12:00 p.m. in each of the time zones.

Buy the webinars on the day and time that works for you. Please note that these webinars cannot be purchased separately and that the specific day and time selected will be the same for all five webinars. You will choose which time zone/series you want to attend. Wednesday Series is offered 12 noon in Central and Pacific time zones. Thursday Series is offered 12 noon in Mountain and Eastern time zones.

Purchase price also includes the Webinar On Demand, when available.

Please note: Webinars are not available for individual purchase. Webinars On Demand are only available to purchasers of the live series.

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2018 Pricing

Session Topics

Dealing With the IRS and SSA
Webinar 1: August 1 (CT, PT) or August 2 (ET, MT)

The IRS and SSA can require more information than that found directly on tax returns, especially when information on one return does not reconcile with another return or when additional information is needed to explain a transaction. This session covers the requests for information from IRS CP (Computer-generated Paragraph) notices, audits, and SSA letters.

Avoiding the Payroll "Gotchas"
Webinar 2: August 8 (CT, PT) or August 9 (ET, MT)

Have you ever had something happen and think to yourself, "Am I the only one this happens to?" Most likely the answer is, "No, you are not alone." We will explore a few not so common payroll mistakes I have made, or should I say "payroll learning opportunities," so you can implement policies or practices to avoid them. In my 30+ years of payroll managerial experience, I think I've seen most everything that can or does happen in payroll.
 •  When implementing a new system, or working with a new vendor, have you read, cover to cover, the contract or agreement?
 •  When dealing with stock options or loans, are you abreast of all the details of the terms?
 •  When dealing with deductions or benefits, do you take someone's word for the details or do you research them yourself?
 •  We will discuss these topics and maybe several more mistakes I've made, along with ways you can avoid making them.

How to Handle Change and Upheaval
Webinar 3: August 15 (CT, PT) or August 16 (ET, MT)

Do you continually feel stressed by the changes going on around you? At work or at home, in today's world, things just never seem to stay the same from day-to-day. Rather than pulling your hair out when things change, you can learn to cope with change for the better. Join us in this session to increase your knowledge and ability to:
 •  Evaluate typical attitudes toward change
 •  Recognize the signals of change-related stress
 •  Understand the four parts of the change cycle
 •  Effectively and happily handle resistance to change

Avoid Potential Penalties by Utilizing SSNVS and E-Verify
Webinar 4: August 22 (CT, PT) or August 23 (ET, MT)

Employers must determine whether each employee is authorized to work in the U.S. There are two free tools that are helpful in making that determination: the Social Security Numeration Verification Service (SSNVS) and the E-Verify system. Some employers in certain states must use E-Verify, but otherwise both of these tools are voluntary for any employer to use. How do you register? What are the benefits? Join us to learn more.

Compensable Time Issues
Webinar 5: August 29 (CT, PT) or August 30 (ET, MT)

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), nonexempt employees are to be paid for all hours worked. The determination of what are hours worked is complicated. When must we pay nonexempt employees for travel time, on-call time, meal periods, and volunteer work? We'll take an in-depth look at these topics and more.

Recertification Credit

Earn up to 5 Recertification Credit Hours (RCHs), 0.5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs), or 5 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits when attending this course.

No advanced preparation or prerequisites required, Program Level: Overview; Delivery Method: Group Internet-Based; Field of Study: Business Law (Webinars 1, 2, 4, 5) Professional Development (Webinar 3)


Each webinar is streamed to the user at a specific time over the Internet. During the live webinar, attendees can participate in polling and ask questions. After the live presentation, the program will be available as a Webinar On Demand.