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Payroll OMG - Optimization, Management, & Growth

Program Overview

Payroll OMG (Optimization, Management, & Growth) can help you reduce expenses by looking at all processes and how departments are connected. Payroll OMG will help professionals at every level in every department understand that if the paycheck were a product line, it would rank as one of the largest products at most organizations. Learn how to produce a perfect paycheck, reduce cost, eliminate waste, and create a highly effective workforce.

This program will help you review your business processes, identify methods to empower your team, help other departments understand their responsibility in eliminating wasteful tasks, as well as help you become a dynamic leader.

Learning Objectives:
 • Identify Lean Tools that would help support Lean project
 • Discuss lean labor history, methodology and benefits
 • Highlight business processes and key concepts in process improvement
 • Demonstrate the value of the Payroll Department to other departments and how it affects the organization's bottom line

Who Should Attend

Payroll Professionals who would like to demonstrate dynamic leadership and take their payroll operations to the next strategic level.

Event Policies

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