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Wage and Hour Summit, Segment 2

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Webinar On Demand-Wage and Hour Summit, Segment 2

Minimum Wage - Federal and State - What is Really Required?
Minimum Wage and Tips: In this webinar, we will explore federal, state, and local minimum wage rates and requirements, tips and the tip credit, overtime pay, and child labor restrictions. By attending this webinar, you will learn:

  • Federal and state minimum wage - it's not just an amount you must pay. Do you know
    • When minimum wage changes affect your garnishment processing?
    • That it may not really be required for all nonexempt employees?
    • When state and local minimum wage laws supersede federal laws?
    • What impact the workweek has on minimum wage payments?
  • Thinking about hiring teenagers? Do you know
    • Who are minors subject to the federal and state child labor rules?
    • How do the federal and state child labor rules differ?
    • What work a minor can do?
    • What hours a minor can work?
    • Which states have more restrictive child labor laws?
Earn 1.5 Recertification Credit Hours (RCHs) or 0.15 Continuing Education Units (CEU) when attending this webinar.